MHI Power to Upgrade Steam Turbine Generation Equipment at Taiwanese Waste Incineration Plant

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This renovation project is set to improve efficiency and power output at the facility.

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Power secured an order to upgrade the output of steam turbine generators at the Renwu Refuse Incineration Plant in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The renovation contract was signed with Onyx Ta-Ho Environmental Services (Onyx Ta-Ho), a waste disposal company responsible for operations and maintenance (O&M) at the facility.

The Renwu Refuse Incineration Plant is situated in Kaohsiung City's Renwu District, northeast of the city center. After the conclusion of the initial 21-year contract period, during which O&M was transferred from the city's Environmental Protection Bureau to a private company, the contract has been renewed for an additional 15 years with Onyx Ta-Ho overseeing O&M. Operations are expected to commence by mid 2024.

The renovation project involves steam turbine generators initially supplied by MHI in 1998. To maximize the use of existing equipment and improve efficiency, the scope of the project has been minimized, and components have been selectively upgraded. The optimization of turbine casing and internal equipment design, based on changes in operating conditions since the plant's construction, is anticipated to enhance power generation output.


Onyx Ta-Ho was established in 1992 as a joint venture between the French company Veolia, a general environmental services firm, and Taiwan Cement Corporation. By utilizing the heat generated from waste incineration more efficiently, this renovation project is expected to improve the cost performance of O&M and contribute to Taiwan's energy efficiency and CO2 reduction policy measures.