MHI to build 2600 MW gas-fired combined cycle plant in Taiwan

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Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. (MHI), jointly with CTCI Corporation, an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) firm in Taiwan, has received a full-turnkey order from Taiwan Power Company (Taipower) for a project to construct a natural gas-fueled gas turbine combined cycle (GTCC) power generation plant with a collective capacity of 2,600 MW. The large-scale GTCC power plant, to consist of three islands of GTCC power generation systems, will feature MHI's most advanced M501J gas turbines. Each GTCC power generation island will consist mainly of two M501J gas turbines, one steam turbine, a heat recovery steam generator and three generators.  

The 60 hertz (Hz) M501J gas turbine is MHI's most advanced, high-capacity, high-efficiency machine developed applying the company's proprietary technologies. It has achieved a turbine inlet temperature of 1,600 °C and helps reduce environmental burdens. GTCC is a high-efficiency power generation system that uses gas and steam turbines in combination, utilizing high-temperature exhaust gas from the gas turbine to produce steam to drive the steam turbine.


Higher efficiency, low emissions

This configuration results in higher thermal efficiency enabling reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) relative to electricity generation, thereby contributing to environmental protection. With the J-Series gas turbines, GTCC power generation will be able to achieve CO2 emissions approximately 50 percent lower than with conventional coal-fired power generation (comparison with MHI's power plants).

The three GTCC islands are slated to go on-stream sequentially between September 2016 and June 2017. MHI will be responsible for the manufacture and supply of the gas and steam turbines. CTCI will handle construction and installation at the plant site and also EPC work for balance of plant. The generators will be produced by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. Mitsubishi Corporation will handle the trade particulars.

Taipower, a publicly owned utility and the sole integrated power transmission and distribution company in Taiwan, is building the large-scale GTCC power plant at a site in Tunghsiao Township, Miaoli County, approximately 150 kilometers southwest from central Taipei, in line with Taiwan's long-term power development plan. The new Tunghsiao GTCC power plant will be built by removing the existing plant from the site. The power produced by the plant is expected to meet the country's increasing demand for electricity, which is likely to soar along with economic growth.