MHPS creates new business division

Published on: 

Mitsubishi Hitachi Power Systems Americas has announced the creation of a Power & Energy Solutions business focused on delivering customer solutions in the areas of digital power, energy storage, and low carbon power generation. MHPS Vice President Tom Cornell, an industry leader with more than twenty-five years of technical and commercial experience in the global power industry, was promoted to lead this new business, effective April 1, 2018.

MHPS’ goal with the Power & Energy Solutions business is to deliver comprehensive solutions utilizing a combination of the MHI Group's most advanced proprietary technologies, complemented with industry partnerships and customer collaborations. Headquarters for the Americas will be located in Lake Mary, Florida. The business will launch with several solutions already commercially available and with several new products and solutions in late stage development. This business will also seek partnerships with academia, technology providers, and customers to develop next generation technologies, such as:

  • Expanded digital offerings from “MHPS-TOMONI”, which uses artificial intelligence and autonomous operation to improve energy efficiency, increase operational flexibility, and predict equipment failures before they happen in any application where electricity is generated, distributed or consumed.
  • Next generation battery storage technology which surpasses Lithium Ion cost effectiveness and performance
  • Next generation geothermal renewable power
  • Solid oxide fuel cells, which are ideal candidates for powering large data centers, commercial businesses, and other distributed power applications.
  • New technologies to repower and uprate existing natural gas fired power plants to improve efficiency, lower lifecycle costs, and reduce carbon emissions, including MHPS’ newest gas turbine technologies and rapidly developing hydrogen combustion and storage technologies.

Vice President Tom Cornell, said, “The Power & Energy Solutions business will focus on innovation through customer collaboration, to present solutions to some of the most significant challenges that our industry is tackling today. We plan to take the cost and the carbon out of power generation, distribution and consumption.”