Microturbines to power offshore platforms in Malaysia and NYC towers

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Capstone Turbine is sending two ATEX-certified C200S microturbines and two C65 ATEX-certified microturbines to offshore platforms operated by a global oil and gas company in Sarawak, Malaysia.

The new ATEX-certified microturbines have been ordered to replace four obsolete TA100 microturbines, currently running as the platforms' main power generator. The new retrofitted C200S systems will allow the operator to increase power demand for an unmanned drilling platform, while the C65 systems will replace TA100s located on a wellhead platform. Often used for oil and gas exploration and production, Capstone's ATEX-certified systems are designed to meet the unique requirements for offshore applications, which includes superior corrosion protection and other optional features.

The four systems will run on raw associated gas released from the wellhead, providing a highly reliable power source to the entire platform. As a result, the installation will be fully automated and operate remotely. The microturbines do not require oil or lubricants to operate, and they deliver power via state-of-the-art power electronics. This translates into higher equipment availability and longer maintenance intervals.

Major NYC development to receive microturbines

A 1 MW Capstone microturbine installed on the 68th floor of the 5.4-million-square-foot mixed-use development building in midtown Manhattan, known as Hudson Yards, is receiving a 10-year factory protection plan long-term service contract from a Capstone distributor.


Commissioned in April 2020, the Capstone Microturbine C1000S energy system with factory supplied Integrated Combined Heat and Power (ICHP) is used for 24x7 electrical and thermal generation. The microturbine is a split electrical bus configuration in which each C200 module feeds its own electrical service. The exhaust heat is used to heat water, that is then fed into a 120-ton modular absorption chiller that supplements the building's existing chiller. During winter, the heat will also be used for perimeter heating for the building's top floors. The development is one of the largest in the city's history and the site is already a globally recognized tourist destination.

The control of the microturbine is fully automated using a Capstone Logic Controller. Construction is already underway on an adjacent building that will be a carbon copy of this installation, including a split bus Capstone C1000S with ICHP and controlled by a CLC, which is estimated to be commissioned in late 2021. The 10-year FPP will provide complete service coverage, including all scheduled and unscheduled maintenance.