Mitsubishi Hitachi to use Artificial Intelligence for predictive data analytics

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MHPS-TOMONI utilizes a collaborative process to evaluate and apply digital solutions tailored to fit each customer's priorities at the power plants they operate. It moves today's power plants in the most cost-effective way toward the digital power plant of the future by emphasizing collaboration between OEM and plant operator, recognizing the need for expert human insights from both, to boost efficiency and reliability, optimize O&M costs, and enhance environmental performance.

Derived from the decades of innovative technology, in-house O&M know-how, total plant knowledge, and customer partnerships, MHPS-TOMONI was created specifically for industrial applications and is focused on providing complete solutions by working together with customers. SparkCognition and MHPS plan to scale and deploy solutions for predictive data analytics across every critical asset to further leverage AI-powered solutions.

"SparkCognition is leveraging AI to build sophisticated models automatically and deliver advanced data cleansing to identify anomalies in power plants," said Usman Shuja, General Manager of Industrial IoT for SparkCognition, which was recently named the Fastest Growing Company in Central Texas by the Austin Business Journal and ranked 20th on the 2017 CNBC Disruptor 50 list.


SparkCognition's unsupervised models will run on top of MHPS's industrial infrastructure to characterize the various behavioral states of major power plant equipment and systems. MHPS will use the SparkCognition models in their Orlando Remote Monitoring Center to offer their customers enhanced, AI-driven visibility into power plant processes.