Mitsubishi M501G Upgrades

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Cutback in NOx emissions for Taiwanese plant


Mitsubishi Power is being contracted by Taiwan Power Company (TPC) for a large-scale renovation of power generation equipment at the Datan Power Plant in the city of Taoyuan. The contract covers a total of four units of gas turbine combined cycle (GTCC) power plants, comprising a total of eight gas turbines.

Their goal is nitrogen oxide (NOx) mitigation while maintaining generating capacity. Completion is scheduled for 2025. Taiwan is setting a target for 30% of its electricity to be derived from fossil fuels, 50% from GTCC power plants, and 20% from renewables by 2025. Needs have also risen for reductions in NOx emissions and greater efficiency from power plants.

The plant is a natural gas fired GTCC power plant with 20 turbines. Mitsubishi Power has supplied 14 of these for Units 1-6. The six turbines for Units 1-2 are M501F models, and the remaining eight are M501G models. When done, it will have a total combined output of approximately 7,000 MW.

The current combustors will be replaced with air-cooled premix combustors, which lowers the local combustion temperature, decreasing NOx emissions by around 60%. Mitsubishi Power will utilize the TOMONIsuite of intelligent solution services, as well as provide a full turnkey solution.