Mitsubishi M501J gas turbine exceeds 8,000 hours in operation

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A M501J gas turbine, manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI), has achieved two major landmarks by exceeding an accumulated 8,000 hours in operation and more than 100 starts. The turbine, installed in a gas turbine combined-cycle (GTCC) validation power plant at the company's Takasago Machinery Works, features an inlet temperature of 1,600°C, and went into operation in February 2011. The long-term validation got under way several months later, in July.

As the M501J validation operation has produced results above anticipated levels, MHI has enhanced its performance specifications for future offerings. Upward revisions include gas turbine output increased to 327 MW, gas turbine efficiency of 41 percent and combined-cycle efficiency of 61.5 percent (with a one-on-one single-shaft configuration). Specifications for the M701J gas turbine, a 50Hz companion model in the J-Series, have been enhanced to an output of 470 MW, gas turbine efficiency of 41 percent and combined-cycle efficiency of 61.7 percent.


The J-Series gas turbines have been designed to achieve higher efficiency and increased power output. The significant 1,600ºC turbine inlet temperature was achieved in February 2011; it is 100ºC higher than the current temperature of 1,500ºC featured in G-Series gas turbines. Since the launch of the J-Series, 16 units of the M501J have been sold in Japan and South Korea. Two units of the M701J have been sold, both in Japan.