Mitsubishi Power claims highest market share for GTs sold in Americas

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Mitsubishi Power J-Series turbine.[/caption]

Mitsubishi Power Americas said it secured the highest market share for heavy-duty gas turbine orders in the Americas in 2020, citing data from McCoy Power Reports. Orders in the Americas totaled 3,288 megawatts, representing 54 percent of total orders. More than half of Mitsubishi Power’s 2020 orders include a hydrogen performance guarantee or have a joint development agreement for hydrogen in progress.


Mitsubishi Power’s orders include the first combined-cycle gas turbines specifically ordered to operate on 30 percent green hydrogen by their commercial operation date. These gas turbines will have the lowest carbon dioxide emissions intensity — by at least 11 percent — of all heavy-duty gas turbines ordered in 2020. Carbon dioxide emissions intensity is measured in pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per megawatt hour of electricity produced.

Mitsubishi Power now ships all of its heavy-duty gas turbines with hydrogen capability for deeper decarbonization. As-delivered, the gas turbines are capable of operating on a mixture of up to 30 percent hydrogen and 70 percent natural gas, which can be increased to 100 percent hydrogen in the future. As hydrogen content increases, carbon intensity is reduced. When a unit reaches 100 percent green hydrogen, carbon intensity will drop to zero.