Mitsubishi Power, Warwick Carbon Solutions Collaborate on Decarbonization Projects

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Joint Development Agreement Aims to Advance Sustainable Solutions in North America's Energy and Industrial Sectors

Mitsubishi Power and Warwick Carbon Solutions have entered into a Joint Development Agreement (JDA) to advance decarbonization projects within the energy and industrial sectors.

The partnership aims to identify and develop projects that will help North America achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Both companies will bring products, services, and design services to the JDA, focusing on decarbonizing companies operating in the oil and gas, industrial process, and power generation sectors.

Mitsubishi Power will contribute engineering, design, project development support services, equipment supply, and long-term operational services for electric power generation and storage systems. Equipment supply will include hydrogen-capable gas turbines, production, and storage systems, and decarbonization solutions.


Warwick Carbon Solutions Development will offer energy infrastructure and power development expertise. This includes government regulatory and industry knowledge for developing carbon capture and storage (CCUS) projects, as well as support services to evaluate various commercial, financial, and technological approaches to advance decarbonization across North America.