Mitsubishi, PowerSouth Start Full-Scale Operation at Lowman Energy Center

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Mitsubishi Power installed its M501 JAC gas turbine at the plant, which now generates electricity for Alabama and northwest Florida.

PowerSouth Energy Cooperative and Mitsubishi Power have announced the commencement of operations at the 693 MW Lowman Energy Center (LEC) in Leroy, AL. The LEC project began construction in 2020, now replacing the 556 MW Charles R. Lowman coal-fired power plant. PowerSouth’s LEC has been fully operational since late September and will support the energy demands of distribution members in Alabama and northwest Florida.

“At maximum output, the LEC offers 693 MW of reliable, around-the-clock power that will meet the needs of our distribution members for decades,” said Gary Smith, PowerSouth President and CEO. “That capability is important to our mission of reliability and affordability, which are being challenged by a rapid push toward intermittent, renewable generation.”


The LEC is a combined-cycle power plant that produces energy sufficient to power 300,000 homes per year. Mitsubishi Power is driving the plant’s operation with its air-cooled M501 JAC gas turbine, which offers reduced start-up time and long-term performance capabilities. In addition to the gas turbine installation, Mitsubishi Power will conduct service and maintenance on the equipment under a long-term service contract.

“The Lowman Energy Center is yet another example of how cooperatives and utilities alike are recognizing the need for cleaner power generation technology to meet the needs of their members and customers,” said Bill Newsom, President and CEO, Mitsubishi Power Americas. “At Mitsubishi Power, we have the technology to support this transition, and we thank PowerSouth for choosing us for this important project.”

Lowman Energy Center joins the McIntosh, McWilliams, and Vann plants as part of PowerSouth’s portfolio of natural gas-driven power facilities.