MITSUI Completes Test of ME-GI Engine with 100% Hydrogen Load

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MITSUI, a MAN Energy Solutions licensee, successfully tested a 50-bore two-stroke marine engine with up to 100% hydrogen load at its Tamano facility in Japan.

A MAN Energy Solutions’ licensee, MITSUI E&S, announced the successful test of a 50-bore MAN B&W two-stroke engine up to 100% load at its Tamano facility while running on hydrogen. MITSUI collaborated with MAN Energy to convert one of the four cylinders on the ME-GI (gas injection) engine to hydrogen operation. Hydrogen was supplied from a hydrogen gas-supply system developed by MITSUI in 2023.


“We have worked closely with MITSUI on this research project and are very happy with the results achieved,” said Bjarne Foldager, Country Manager, Denmark, MAN Energy Solutions. “This proves the advantages and the flexibility of two-stroke engine technology and means that we are now also prepared for the future, not only for hydrogen derivatives but also for hydrogen as a fuel. MAN Energy Solutions closely follows the market to keep track of any significant developments and this test is a noteworthy progression.”

Stable operation was maintained at different loads and operating conditions, including a successful hydrogen combustion up to 100% load. MITSUI’s testing also confirmed greenhouse gas emission reductions of up to 95%—the remaining portion originating from the pilot fuel used during testing.

“MAN B&W-branded engines are flexible by nature and designed for an easy retrofit at a later stage to different fuel types,” said Thomas S. Hansen, Head of Sales and Promotion, MAN Energy Solutions. “This is an encouraging milestone for hydrogen as a fuel. We will now take some time to evaluate the results and ensure that we are ready to take action if and when the market for hydrogen matures.”