MONITEX BT Incorporates Backlash-Free Coupling Design

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The system provides continuous torque and speed measurements, allowing integration with existing machinery.

KTR Systems is releasing a new torque measuring system, the Monitex BT. It incorporates the backlash-free coupling design of Rotex-GS with a torque-measuring concept. The system measures torque and speed continuously, with each rotation's data displayed on the coupling via an LED display for visual monitoring or transmitted via Bluetooth. The Monitex BT matches the footprint of the existing Rotex coupling design, enabling it to be integrated into existing machines without altering the shaft distance.

The system relies on inductive, contactless energy transmission for continuous measuring operation. A sensor box, positioned near the outer diameter of the coupling, records data and transmits it via Bluetooth to be saved on a smart mobile device or PC via the Monitex app. The app provides real-time display of the data as either a curve progression or numerical values, calculating minimum, maximum, and average values continually. The system also features audio-visual alerts to notify the user when maximum and minimum values are reached.


The Monitex app is available for download on Android and iOS devices through their respective app stores. Additionally, KTR Systems can provide the necessary software for use on a PC with a Windows operating system. The torque measuring coupling is particularly useful in remote drives with challenging visual inspection potential, process and quality control systems, test benches, among other applications.