MS 5002E gas turbine assembled in Russia passes key test

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A key benefit of the Ladoga 32 turbine-compressor is that it can be fully serviced at the customer site.

GE recently announced that the first 32-megawatt MS 5002E gas turbine unit fully assembled in St. Petersburg has successfully passed commissioning acceptance tests at REP Holding's (REPH) Nevsky Zavod manufacturing facilities. REPH is assembling "Ladoga 32" gas compressor units based on MS 5002E gas turbines in Russia under a 2008 license agreement between REPH and GE Oil & Gas.


A key benefit of the MS 5002E/Ladoga 32 turbine is that it can be fully serviced at the customer site, which is especially important under extremely harsh weather conditions and in remote areas of Russia where transporting equipment is costly and difficult.

Upgraded version

The MS 5002E technology is a significantly upgraded version of GE's MS 5002 product line, and it offers high efficiency, low emissions and a proven service life to customers, which has reached more than 16 million operating hours worldwide. The successful acceptance test represents an important milestone in REP Holding's plans to sell the Ladoga gas turbine technology in Russia as the country modernizes its energy infrastructure.

Sergey Nikischenkov, vice president said, "As a result of the successful testing of the gas turbine, our review committee confirmed that the first ‘Ladoga GPA-32' unit can be delivered to the customer, OAO Gazprom, which plans to use the technology to power compressor stations on the Bovanenkovo-Ukhta gas pipeline."