MSHS Acquires Pacific Power Group

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Forming Nationwide MRO, Engine and Controls Service Network

Motor-Services Hugo Stamp, Inc. (“MSHS”) and Pacific Power Group (“PPG”) are going through a merger. The businesses complement each other’s technical and engineering capabilities. As PPG’s and MSHS’s growth continues, the focus remains on providing customers with “one-stop” services for turnkey solutions. Both PPG and MSHS will maintain their current brand names while continuing to serve their customers through OEM suppliers. The combination enables the companies to leverage expertise through technical talent located across North America.


Additionally, it strengthens PPG’s and MSHS’s geographic footprint through the addition of PPG’s nine facilities across the Western United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and the Gulf of Mexico which are supplemented by MSHS’s facilities across the Eastern United States, Gulf of Mexico, and Pacific Northwest. In turn, the expanded geographic footprint allows PPG and MSHS to better serve customers nationwide.

PPG and MSHS understand that opportunities are developed through growth and training driven by the partnership’s strategy of investing in workshop technologies, services expansion, and engineering solutions. The combination enables PPG and MSHS to become an industry leader with nationwide coverage and expanded OEM access. PPG and MSHS will continue investing in resources for the next growth phase while providing quality services to its customers.