New 540MW combined cycle plant to be built in Woodbridge

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PSEG Fossil, a subsidiary of PSEG Power, will begin construction of a new power plant in the  Sewaren section of Woodbridge, New Jersey at a cost of $600 million. The dual-fuel, 540 MW combined-cycle plant, Sewaren 7, is likely to supply electricity to about 500,000 New Jersey homes. 



The plant will use combined-cycle technology, producing electricity and capturing waste from the gas turbine to increase efficiency and output. The Sewaren 7 plant will be constructed at PSEG Power's existing Sewaren Generating Station site, replacing Sewaren Units 1, 2, 3 & 4, which will be retired after almost 70 years of providing energy to the region. 


The plant is designed to operate on two types of fuel, both readily available. Natural gas is supplied to Sewaren Generating Station from both the Texas Eastern and Transco pipelines. Additionally, Sewaren 7 can also run on ultra-low-sulfur distillate fuel oil as a back-up.


The construction is scheduled to begin in early 2016 and the plant is targeted to be in operation by the summer of 2018. PSEG spokesman Michael Jennings said the new plant will be “cleaner and a lot more efficient." An old power plant will be torn down after the new plant is built, he said.  


The new plant will be equipped with emissions control technology and is expected to bring significant new tax revenue to the region.