New ATCO HRSG will serve gas turbines up to 100 MW

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ATCO Emissions Management recently announced the addition of heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) to its comprehensive line of gas turbine auxiliary equipment for the power, oil and gas, and cogeneration markets.

(HRSGs help companies to meet carbon emission targets)


The new HRSG product, an energy recovery heat exchanger that recovers heat from a hot gas stream, will initially serve organizations with gas turbines up to 100 MW. 

By implementing an HRSG system, environmentally progressive companies and those looking to create cost savings can produce heat or power from recovered waste heat or renewable energy sources. Some companies have also used HRSGs as part of a long-term goal to meet carbon emission targets. Each HRSG is custom-designed in Minneapolis, then fabricated in Original Equipment Manufacturers approved facilities across the globe. The increasingly stringent emission regulations in the United States and Canada are expected to add to the growing demand for HRSGs. 

ATCO’s product portfolio for gas turbine generators also includes combustion air filtration and intake silencing, anti-icing, acoustical enclosures, acoustical buildings, sound barriers, combustion exhaust silencing systems, catalyst systems for nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide removal, bypass systems with diverter dampers and exhaust diffusers.