New gas turbine targets harsh enviroments

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GE recently announced at POWER-GEN Middle East, in Doha, Qatar, the availability of its new GE TS1000 coalescer, a gas turbine filtration product that delivers improved plant performance and lower maintenance costs to customers operating power generation facilities in harsh conditions near coastal environments. The new TS1000 will not need to be replaced as frequently due to its media, which allows sand and dust to pass through, therefore not clogging the coalescer.

GE's TS1000 is cleanable, resulting in lower maintenance and longer service life. Exposed to extreme harsh environments in recent tests, this new technology built into the media was able to last 12 months and up to three times longer than some competitor products before requiring cleaning. It provides 99 percent efficiency for water droplets down to 10 microns.


Minimizes maintenance efforts

A plant can run the turbine much longer than when using coalescers that are more prone to clogging, and when the coalescer does clog with dust, the TS1000 can remain in place minimizing maintenance efforts. A simple wash with water will restore its coalescing capability. In a recent test, this wash could be repeated for up to 12 months.

Coalescers remove moisture in the air stream by agglomerating water droplets making them larger and heavier, so that they can drain away rather than continue in the airstream. This protects the downstream filters and the turbine, and is essential in environments with high levels of ambient moisture; humidity, rain, fog and mist. Coalescers also can help to remove liquid phase corrosives, reducing the likelihood of reaching the turbine and causing damage.