New GE C90 system helps manage critical equipment during power outages

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GE announced recently the availability of its C90 Automation Control System designed to help industrial customers quickly and intelligently manage power in their plants when facing power outages. By integrating the C90 into their existing power management system, customers can easily identify equipment and processes that are critical to their business to ensure that when the lights go out, power continues to flow to these critical resources. Customers can reduce costs associated with downtime and lost production by ensuring the availability of critical systems and maintaining power integrity using high-speed load shedding.

The C90, using a powerful logic engine to manage complex load shedding schemes, includes easy-to-use set-up software which can reduce installation, maintenance and operating costs.


The compact C90 is scalable for both small and large operations and can be easily integrated into an existing energy management system or SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system helping to reduce the total cost of ownership and need for capital expenditures. It is also available as a sub-solution for power management control systems, which are commonly found in SCADA systems in the oil and gas industry.

GE’s relays and communication systems integrate seamlessly with the C90 to form a complete protection and control system for interlocking, special protection and control schemes.