New IoT data platform facilitates entry into cloud-based energy management

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With the 7KN powercenter3000 IoT data platform, Siemens is expanding its digitalization solutions for electrical power distribution in industry, infrastructure and buildings. Thanks to the intelligent data collector, power and system data from up to 40 connected measuring and protection devices can be collected and transmitted, among other destinations, to local energy management systems or directly into open, cloud-based IoT operating systems such as MindSphere. The data is pre-processed and bundled in packets, which reduces the transmission volume. The processing, visualization and evaluation of the data occur using an integrated Web interface, the powermanager power monitoring software or special cloud applications. The 7KN powercenter3000 enables even small and medium-sized companies a quick, flexible and economical introduction into cloud-based energy management. Thanks to the systematic detection and analysis of data, operations become more energy efficient and fail-safe. The expansion of existing power monitoring systems with a cloud connection is easily possible at any time. The IoT data platform 7KN powercenter3000, will be showcased for the first time at the Hannover Messe 2019 and is available starting in June 2019.

For digital companies, the continuous acquisition of energy flows in industrial plants and buildings creates the most vital foundation for higher energy efficiency and reliability, as well as lower costs and CO2 emissions. The communication-capable measuring and protection devices from the Sentron portfolio from Siemens detect electrical values such as current, voltage and energy, right down to the consumer level, relaying this data to higher-level systems via standard protocols such as Profinet, Profibus and Modbus. They comply with the requirements of energy audits and to operational energy management according to ISO 50001 and ISO 50003.


With the IoT data platform 7KN powercenter3000, the data can be centrally collected and transmitted in individually adjustable cycles directly into open IoT operating systems such as MindSphere. Via relevant cloud applications, comprehensive analyses are possible, even across various locations. All values and statistics of power distribution can be accessed at any time, and independent of location. This enables management via remote control and preventive maintenance. Alarm signals help to respond immediately to faults and to pinpoint errors quickly and easily. Operators, switchboard engineers, as well as qualified electricians can also enter the consulting and solution business with their own services based on cloud platforms such as MindSphere and thus build up new business models.