New motor needs no rare earth for its permanent magnets

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In the raw materials space, most electric motors rely upon rare-earth minerals such as neodymium and dysprosium for their magnets to produce their required torque. The Linear Labs' HET motor does not need rare-earth magnets to produce higher efficiency and greater average torque over the full speed range compared to the best performing motors today -- it is instead able to use more affordable ferrite magnets. This is accomplished due to the HET motor's unique ability to use more magnetic surface area than any other radial or axial flux motor. With the HET's stator surrounded on all four sides there is claimed to be almost zero flux leakage compared to competitive motors, creating ample torque from ferrite magnets and making obsolete the need for rare or expensive minerals.

Unlike most electric motor producers who are dependent upon materials sourced from specific regions, the HET motor allows for the use of accessible materials worldwide, creating a supply-chain freedom against global manufacturing turbulence. All raw materials and components needed for HET manufacturing are locally accessible and available around the globe, creating a regionally agnostic supply chain.

"Our motors can be made right here in the 


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, or in any locality. The raw materials can be sourced, the components can be built, and the product can be assembled, literally anywhere," said 

Brad Hunstable

, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Linear Labs. "We have a clear manufacturing advantage against our competitors who rely on resources from a singular region. This has benefits for all the diverse industries we're integrated with, including EVs, robotics, HVAC and micro-mobility. The electronics, copper and magnets we use can be manufactured within a completely regional supply chain anywhere in the world. It increases efficiency in production while also providing strength against global disruption of resources."

In addition to the abundance of applicable resources available on diverse continents, Linear Labs is pushing toward zero-waste with the production of their HET motor. The current design allows for 95% utilization of materials, with the HET able to use resources much more efficiently than competitors, who are often at only 40% utilization of materials. Linear Labs' motors are also easily recycled, with the modular design providing benefits in the area of sustainability as components including copper coils and magnetic material can be conveniently disassembled for re-use or end-of-life recycling.