New Sub-Sahara Africa distributor named for Siemens SGT-50 GTs

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Combustions Associate Inc (CAI) entered a Distribution Agreement with Siemens Energy to package and sell their SGT-50 gas turbine line in the Sub-Sahara Africa Region.

Under this agreement, CAI will incorporate the SGT-50 gas turbine in their SpiritTM 2 MW Gas Turbine Power Generation Package as the prime mover, providing continuous base load, peaking or stand-by power to its customers. CAI is a USA-based packager of Gas Turbines and an exporter of power generation systems and associated equipment to various countries in Africa, Asia, North and South America.


Siemen’s SGT-50 Gas turbines provide output range of 2MW with fuel flexibility. The industrial gas turbine is rugged, compact and can be used in onshore and offshore settings for continuous, emergency, standby, combined, and CHP cycles. The turbine can also support a wide range of fuels including flare gas, which can alleviate environmental and economic loss impact.