Particle analyzer measures machine wear

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The new Version 7 of the LaserNet 200 Comprehensive Particle Analyzer Series from Spectro Scientific provides extensive analysis of particles in lubricating and hydraulic fluids. Compared to earlier releases, the new Series increases particle counting range up to 10 million particles/ml without dilution, and includes a new set of ferrous particle measurements that gives users new insights into the progress of machine wear.

The analyzer employs the LaserNet Fines laser imaging technology and dual magnetometers that characterize ferrous particles larger than 25 microns as well as total ferrous particles. In the new V7 software, a patent pending approach enables LaserNet to report ferrous concentration in part per millions (ppm) for ferrous particles larger than 25 microns in diameter. Together with total ferrous content in ppm, new measurements such as larger ferrous particle percentage and ferrous wear severity index can be derived, providing a more simplified view of machine wear from a single in-service oil test.

Version 7 software also enables LaserNet to double its upper particle counting range to 10 million particles per milliliter of oil (ISO code 30). Users can now process very dirty engine and gearbox oils from heavy equipment such as mining excavators. The laser can penetrate dark engine oil samples containing up to two percent soot, making it the only particle analyzer that can test engine oil without dilution.


The LaserNet 200 Series of analyzers expands to a selection of four models with the inclusion of the new LaserNet 215 instrument that includes particle count and ferrous monitor features. The new model provides oil analysis laboratory managers with a quick and easy way to monitor contamination and trend machine wear in one test, at a lower cost than the LaserNet 230 model. Together with the automated sampling processor (ASP), the new LaserNet 215 gives oil analysis laboratories a competitive advantage, reducing the need for traditional and manual ferrous particle tests.