New way valve for steam turbines

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As part of a retrofit contract with the Petrom Refinery in Rumania, Voith has launched a newly developed way valve module at the end of 2011. The module will be delivered for the modernization of the control system of a GE steam turbine. The turbine drives an Ingersoll-Rand compressor. Commissioning is scheduled for early 2012.

Like conventional way valves, the new module is used to activate hydraulic servo cylinders. In this way the mass flow – for example steam – can be controlled by a valve with maximum precision and high dynamics. The way valve module converts an electric 4-20 mA signal into a proportional valve lift for single and double-acting hydraulic cylinders.

A feature of the newly developed way valve module is its complete redundancy enabled via two way valves connected in parallel. This means: if one control system fails, a second identical system immediately takes over. The required high availability of the plant is thus ensured, and there is no production standstill. Owing to the redundancy feature, the components of the way valve module and the control system can be exchanged while the machines are running, thus also avoiding any loss of production.


Voith Turbo will deliver the way valve module together with the turbine/compressor control system TurCon R32-CC for the regulation of the steam turbine in the Rumanian Petrom Refinery.