Nodal Power Accrues $13M Seed Round to Build Gas-to-Energy Plants

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The company will be provided funding for the construction of multiple methane-combustion plants at landfills across the United States.

Nodal Power raised a $13 million seed round to reduce methane emissions at three U.S. landfill sites.

Nodal Power—a developer of gas-to-energy plants at landfills—said its technology can reduce emissions, specifically methane, from landfills by combusting the methane gas in a generator. This reduces higher amounts of carbon emissions and utilizes a resource that would otherwise be a byproduct at a landfill.


"We've developed solutions, specifically for smaller landfills, that allow us to bring these overlooked resources to market," said Bryan Black, CEO of Nodal Power. "Our technology and energy first approach have the potential to make a significant impact on local energy markets."

Nodal Power has already allocated funding to the construction and operation of two gas-to-power plants in the United States. Site one is located in the southeast, exporting electricity generated by methane combustion to local utilities. The southeastern location is equipped with a data center, which allows for communication between the powered utilities and control center. The second site is located in the mountain west and runs an off-grid data center powered by the conversion of landfill gas to electricity.

Additional funds will be supporting the deployment of Nodal Power’s gas-to-power technology at a third site in early 2024. Each of the three sites produces electricity from methane gas generated by organic waste decomposition at landfills.