Nova Scotia Wind Energy Initiative Endorsed by EverWind

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The offshore wind roadmap promises green-fuel development support.

EverWind Fuels Company ("EverWind"), working on Canada's large-scale green hydrogen initiative, has expressed support for the Offshore Wind Roadmap (the "Roadmap") launched by Nova Scotia. The province's progressive strategies towards renewable energy aim to establish it as an international authority in this field.

Nova Scotia boasts potent offshore wind resources, placing the province on the path to becoming a significant player in the renewable energy sector. The Roadmap, revealed on June 15, 2023, outlines clear market pathways. The province is set to lease seabeds within its jurisdiction from 2024, and from 2025 in areas jointly managed with Canada. The Roadmap aligns with Nova Scotia's climate change objectives and contributes to the global mission of curtailing greenhouse gas emissions.

Trent Vichie, CEO of EverWind, remarked, "Nova Scotia's offshore wind represents one of the largest and most exciting untapped renewable energy resources in the entire world, with over 100GW of offshore power generation off the coast of Nova Scotia." He further elaborated that EverWind's production of green hydrogen and ammonia offers the ideal green energy nexus for leveraging green fuels production to decarbonize the globe.

EverWind's marine terminal in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, is strategically located to serve as a multi-user terminal for offshore wind generators. At this site, wind power can be transformed into green hydrogen or ammonia for local consumption, long-distance transportation, or large-scale energy storage. The terminal's vast industrial-zoned land of over 3,000 acres can host more than 20GW of electrolyzers, boasting a shipping capacity that can deliver 20 million tonnes of green ammonia or 4 million tonnes of green hydrogen. The terminal also provides access to adjacent rail and road.


EverWind converts renewable power into green hydrogen and then into green ammonia, a safe, transportable form for worldwide use as a clean energy source. The company partners with several European energy companies, hydrogen & ammonia equipment suppliers, and financial advisors.

EverWind's projects in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland & Labrador include a 2GW+ wind farm currently under development, and an additional project to produce green hydrogen and ammonia.