NuScale Energy Exploration Center at Seoul National University

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NuScale’s Energy Exploration Center will provide hands-on opportunities for visitors to apply nuclear science and engineering principles via SMR simulation technology.

NuScale Power has opened the privately funded NuScale Energy Exploration Center (E2 Center) at Seoul National University in partnership with GS Energy Corp., Doosan Enerbility, and Samsung C&T. The E2 Center serves as an educational training hub and workforce development tool for South Korea’s next advanced nuclear experts, technologists, and operators, especially within the field of small nuclear reactor (SMR) deployment.

“NuScale’s SMRs are the only advanced nuclear technology with U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission approval, and today’s opening of the E2 Center allows South Korea to advance its position in clean energy,” said Dr. José Reyes, NuScale Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer. “With the support of our partners GS Energy, Doosan, Samsung C&T, and Seoul National University, we are excited to reach this new milestone in our collaboration to advance the shared goal of global decarbonization.”


The training hub offers a hands-on learning environment for users to apply nuclear science and engineering principles through simulated nuclear power plant scenarios. Computer modeling enables the user to adopt the role of a control room operator at a VOYGR-12 924 MWe SMR plant powered by 12 NuScale power modules. The control room simulation will allow the user to learn about the features and functionality of NuScale technology.

The NuScale E2 Center will provide South Korean nuclear experts and technologists with simulation-based knowledge required for the safe operation of a NuScale VOYGR SMR control room. NuScale’s partnership with the South Korean energy industry will advance the country’s SMR capabilities, potentially leading to the export of Korean-supported SMRs in the future.

“The E2 Center provides our students with an opportunity to engage in hands-on SMR operations, cultivating the expertise essential for the global clean energy transition,” said Prof. Eung Soo Kim, Head of the Department of Nuclear Engineering at Seoul National University. “We are proud to be the first institution in Asia to integrate NuScale's simulation technology into our curriculum.”