Order for waste-to-power package using microturbines

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Ener-Core has shipped its first commercial FP250 unit, a power generating system that integrates Ener-Core's patented thermal oxidation technology with a 250 kilowatt gas turbine.   The shipment deployed as scheduled out of the Port of Los Angeles on November 14, 2013 and is en route to Efficient Energy Conversion Turbomachinery B.V. ("EECT"), of the Netherlands.  EECT holds the European distribution rights for the FP250 and related equipment.

"Today's announcement represents a milestone in Ener-Core's evolution as a company", commented Alain Castro, CEO of Ener-Core.  "We are thrilled to mark the commencement of commercial sales of our Gradual Oxidizer technology with the fulfilment of the purchase order placed by Attero via our distribution partner EECT in the Netherlands.  Furthermore, as Attero is already a market leader in the production of biogas and renewable energy within their region, we are proud to support their vision and objectives with our breakthrough technology."  Randeep Sandhu, Project Manager at Ener-Core commented, "I'm very excited to be a part of shipping this first production unit. The team did a wonderful job in getting it done. I'm looking forward to seeing it installed and running in the Attero landfill.


Today, Attero processes approximately 3.4 million tons of waste a year at fifteen locations throughout the Netherlands.   They are the largest producer of biogas in the Netherlands, and also produce sustainable electricity for 350,000 households from two waste-to-energy plants. The Ener-Core FP250 unit is scheduled to be up and running within the first quarter of 2014.

The FP250 uses the Ener-Core Gradual Oxidation technology integrated with a 250 kW gas turbine. It is engineered to run on the widest range of gaseous fuels, in particular "low-Btu gas" from landfills, coal mines, oil fields, and other low quality methane sources.