Perm’s GTU-4P gas turbine plant completes 80,800 hours of operation

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Perm Engine Company’s GTU-4P gas turbine plant No. 33-08, which is operating at Surgutneftegas as part of power station at Kontilorskoye field, has run more than 80, 800 hours and is ready to be sent for overhaul. During its operation on site, the gas turbine plant has been under overhaul only twice and each time it was carried out after 26-27 thousand hours (guaranteed life makes up 8,000 hours and assigned life – 25,000 hours).


Operating time of one more GTU-4P gas turbine plant located at the same field makes up 79,780 hours as yet, and the plant is still in operation. These are record results among home-produced gas turbine plants and point to quality production of these plants at Perm Engine Company.

The company has produced and delivered about 670 gas turbine plants so far, and is said to receive regular orders for production and overhaul. These gas turbine plants help to solve a number of vital tasks such as utilization of oil-associated gas, considerable reduction of energy sources cost and reduction of environmental stress.