Power augmentation deliver 11.5% more power in Frame 7EA gas turbines

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Wood Group GTS has completed the installation of four EcoValue power augmentation systems on four GE Frame 7EA gas turbines at a 300MW cogeneration plant in Texas. The EcoValue system increases turbine output and efficiency and the plant is experiencing significant performance improvements, yielding a 11.5% increase in power output and a 2.5% decrease in heat rate on one combined cycle block (two gas turbines and one steam turbine).

The EcoValue implementation followed an earlier performance improvement using similar technology.  In 2009, the plant commissioned two compressor water wash systems that resulted in each turbine providing additional power output of up to 2 – 3 MW and a 0.2% – 0.3% improvement in heat rate. 


“The performance benefits witnessed from installing the online water wash systems provided a compelling argument for further investment in power augmentation technology. Increased power, decreased heat rate and improved reliability are attributes that all power station owners and operators look for to improve plant performance,” said Wood Group GTS President of Power Plant Services Frank Avery. “Our EcoValue power augmentation technology delivers a high rate of return for relatively low investment, enabling us to provide up to 6 MW per turbine of additional output while saving fuel. This greatly increases the total life cycle value of their investment in gas turbine technology.”

Along with the supply of power to the plant’s own air processing plant, excess power can now be sold into the local power distribution grid, while steam is provided to neighboring process facilities.