Process gas filters

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Dollinger series GP-146 high efficiency filters from Celeros Flow Technology are designed to remove dirt, pipe scale and other contaminants from process air and other gases. Acting as the last line of defense against particulates that could contaminate the end product or damage equipment, the Dollinger GP-146 delivers reliable filtration. At the heart of the unit is a radial fin filter element that provides a large filtration area. It offers operational integrity up to a differential pressure of 50 psid as standard, with special designs available for applications which demand higher differential capabilities.

These filters come in a range of synthetic and natural fiber filter media suitable for use with most process fluids. Interchangeability of the filter elements makes it simple to vary the degree of filtration within the unit. The filter elements can be cleaned and re-used many times with no loss of performance. The filter housing is generally constructed of carbon steel or stainless steel. Special housings to accommodate low temperature applications can also be accommodated.

Dollinger GP-146 high efficiency particulate filters are designed and constructed in accordance with the ASME VIII, Division I Pressure Vessel construction code. Compliance with other international codes - including Korean, SELO, PED, TV, and GOST – is available on request.