P&W Power Systems to provide new gas turbine generator package for Argentina plant

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P&W Power Systems, Inc. (PWPS), a group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI), has announced a contract with Generación Frías S.A., a subsidiary company of Albanesi S.A., to provide an FT4000 Swiftpac unit for its location in Frías, Santiago del Estero, Argentina. This will be the first FT4000 Swiftpac in Latin America. To be delivered in 2014, the unit is expected to start commercial operation in May 2015.

The new FT4000 Swiftpac gas turbine generator package offered by PWPS is expected to produce the highest output of any aero-derivative engine while maintaining high efficiency. With a modular design that includes proven features of the successful FT8 Swiftpac power plants, the FT4000 engine, powered by a Pratt & Whitney PW4000 derivative gas generator offers a 60 to 120 MW package of reliable peaking and base-load power in a compact footprint.


The FT4000 engine is designed for simple-cycle, combined-cycle, or cogeneration applications. The free-turbine design of the system allows for flexible power plant operation down to 25 percent of full load, synchronous condensing operation without a clutch, and spinning reserve capacity.

As a next-generation product, the FT4000 Swiftpac unit builds on over fifty years of aero-derivative experience and more than 2,000 industrial gas turbines installed worldwide. The Swiftpac design is said to be a cost-effective solution for flexible, high-power density needs across the globe.

Peter Christman, president of PWPS said the FT4000 Swiftpac was designed to satisfy the growing demand for reliable and efficient gas power plants around the world. “We’ve had an excellent reception from our current and prospective customers for the FT4000 Swiftpac, and the continued traction we are seeing with this product demonstrates the confidence of the market in this world-class application.”