QatarEnergy to Name First Carrier in LNG Fleet “Rex Tillerson”

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As part of its LNG fleet expansion, QatarEnergy will name the first vessel the “Rex Tillerson” after the former chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil.

QatarEnergy, as part of its larger LNG fleet expansion program, has named its first LNG carrier the “Rex Tillerson” in recognition of the former chairman and CEO of ExxonMobil, as well as the 69th U.S. Secretary of State. During Tillerson’s ten-year term at ExxonMobil, he oversaw relations with Qatar and its energy sector to establish strategic partnerships and significant investments in the LNG industry.

“As a result of Rex’s leadership, a long and fruitful strategic partnership that flourished from one of the oldest Qatari relationships with international oil companies, prospered and developed even further,” said Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi, Minister of State for Energy Affairs and President and CEO of QatarEnergy. “For that, it is our honor to name the first LNG carrier built as part of our new fleet in his name, a tribute to his life-long accomplishments and a symbol of a special relationship.”


The “Rex Tillerson” LNG vessel is expected to enter service in September 2024 and is currently under construction at the Hudong Zhonghua Shipyard in China as part of a 12-ship program for QatarEnergy’s LNG fleet expansion program. The new fleet will be equipped with maritime technology to ensure operational efficiency and compliance with stringent environmental regulations.

Under Tillerson’s leadership, ExxonMobil developed projects such as the Qatargas 2 and RasGas 3 mega-LNG trains; the Al Khaleej and Barzan Gas Projects; the Helium 1 and 2 projects; the Laffan Condensate Refinery; and the South Hook, Adriatic, and Golden Pass LNG terminals. QatarEnergy and ExxonMobil also developed large LNG carriers, including Q-Max at 265,000 m3 and Q-Flex at 210,000 m3.

“I am deeply honored that QatarEnergy is recognizing my long history with the development of Qatar’s natural gas resources and the country’s establishment as the leading supplier of liquefied natural gas to fuel economies around the world,” said Rex Tillerson, former chairman and CEO, ExxonMobil. “It has been very gratifying to be a part of this success story.”