Radial gas turbine finds novel application

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OPRA China, Wuxi OPRA Turbines Technology Co. Ltd, successfully commissioned the OP16 Gas Turbine unit using a titanium dioxide flash drying system on the Lomon Billions project, located in, Henan Province.

This highlights OPRA’s ability to utilize fuels realizing the high energy cascade utilization efficiency of titanium dioxide flash drying process.


OP16 advantages in Titanium Dioxide industry:

  • The system is simple in structure with a small footprint and is highly automated.
  • It can achieve more than 85% high energy efficiency, reducing the energy costs
  • The heat energy is converted into electric energy and the low-grade heat energy is used for drying process
  • Self-production and self-use of electric energy saves on operation costs of electric power during peak and normal periods, ensuring the stable operation of production processes without the need for external
  • This system provides safety and stability for the user. The main process includes a gas turbine system, gas pressure regulating system, smoke and air regulating system. The automation level is such that no on-site operators are required