Regal Beloit announces new axial groove for unitized spherical roller bearing

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Regal Beloit Corporation, a manufacturer of electric motors, electrical motion controls, power generation and power transmission components, introduced of their "

Time-Saving Axial Groove" in the inner ring bore on their Sealmaster

 Unitized Spherical Roller Bearing (USRB), which allows for easy removal and the ability to reuse the shafting with minimal cleanup.

The Sealmaster USRB bearing with time-saving axial groove was designed to make bearing removal easier. Its design eliminates interference with the burr created by the setscrew by utilizing axial grooves at setscrew locations that run the length of the inner ring. The axial groove in the inner ring bore is designed to provide clearance from the burr created when the setscrews are properly torqued to lock the bearing to the shaft, and extends the entire length of the inner ring for removal in either direction.

In addition to the time and costs saved during bearing removal, the design also reduces damage to the shaft compared to other methods of removing the bearing. This lowers the costs associated with repairing the shaft before reuse as compared to normal bearing removal and can eliminate the cost of having to replace the shaft. 


The new feature is available on all collar mounted setscrew locking Sealmaster USRB’s.

The Sealmaster USRB bearing with

TSAG is suitable for

bulk material handling/aggregate industry and industrial blowers, among other applications.