Overspeed trip provides shutdown times less than 300ms

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TripCon electrohydraulic trip block for releasing trip valves on steam turbines, gas turbines and process safety valves[/caption]

Avoiding overspeed is a fundamental requirement in gas and steam turbine safety management. Voith Turbo's TripCon trip block enables continuous triple modular redundancy, from the speed sensor to the hydraulic cylinder of the trip valve. It has a modular and compact design which allows for the economical implementation of all standard safety concepts for turbine control systems. The Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) is over 100,000 years.

The TripCon has a pressure range from 6 to 180 bar (87 to 2,610 psi) which makes it suitable for high-pressure and low-pressure hydraulic systems. Large discharge volumes of up to 320 l/min (85 gpm) with a differential pressure of 6 bar (87 psi) enable fast shutdown times – usually less than 300 ms. The TripCon is available in various types. All variants of the trip block have a triple-redundant design with a 2oo3 selection (2 out of 3 voting). An integrated 1oo1 partial stroke test enables a simple check of the function of the trip valve, even during operation.


The partial stroke test is available with optional 2oo2 redundancy. An expansion module is available, which allows for the replacement of all solenoid valves during operation.

Typical applications for the TripCon are trip valves on gas and steam turbines in high-availability plants. Furthermore, the trip block is suitable for retrofitting non-redundant trip systems. Additional applications are conceivable, for example, for water turbines or generally for safety valves in process engineering.