Rolls Wood Group achieves 100th Avon 200 gas turbine upgrade

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Rolls Wood Group (RWG), a joint venture between Rolls-Royce plc and Wood Group, recently completed the 100th Rolls-Royce Avon 200 industrial gas turbine upgrade. To mark the milestone, members of the RWG Board visited the company’s 35,000 square foot facility in Dyce, Aberdeen and congratulated the team on the achievement.

With over 1,200 units sold and an operating experience exceeding 64 million hours, the Avon industrial gas turbine delivers up to 15 MW of power, operating in a wide range of power generation and oil & gas applications. Through component life extension and a redesigned turbine section first introduced in 2007, the Avon 200 upgrade product delivers up to 17 MW of power – an increase of up to 9 per cent – and improved thermal efficiency up to 4.4 per cent at base load, as well as significant emissions improvements.


The Avon 200 upgrade conversion, performed at RWG repair and overhaul bases worldwide, also delivers an expected 20 per cent increase in current mean time between overhauls when operated at the pre-upgrade base load rating.

Hugh Clayton, EVP Customer Business-Energy for Rolls-Royce said achieving the 100th Avon 200 upgrade milestone reflects the unit’s track-record of delivering better power, efficiency, life cycle costs and environmental impacts for customers worldwide.

Alistair Fordyce, Avon Business Manager at RWG said the upgrade was testimony to the dedication, skill and competency of their Aberdeen team. “When delivered to the customer, the 100th converted Avon 200 engine will operate on an offshore production platform in Asia.”