RP-8-24 turbines for clean renewable energy from sea

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Asia Power Dev. Foundation, Inc., Philippines, has developed tidal turbines (8 meter radius and 24 blades) as well as modular supports to hold the turbines in their depth. 

Asia Power is looking to partner with companies that can supply generators for these tidal turbines. In the tidal turbine, the steady stator at the circumference is supported by the turbine grid, while the rotor freely rotates to generate electric power. The 8-meters radius hydro-turbine harnesses in open flows up to 9.4 MW at 4.5 m/sec. The Concrete Modular Support (CMS) holds the turbine at the planned depths with a “venturi” that gathers and speeds up alternatively flows of floods and ebbs.


Hydro-electric turbines

The RP-turbines are inserted from the top of the concrete support (CMS) to their planned sea depth. The stator is a permanent magnet at the circumference of the turbine, and it does not move at the “throat” of the turbine. Its weight is immaterial since it is held by the frame of the turbine sustained by the concrete base that holds the turbine frame.

The rotor is located at the tip of the 24 blades, and connected among them by a link that joins them. The blades and the rotors are connected through the blades ties so that they keep the turbine blades at the right distance and they link the magnetic parts of the rotor needed to generate AC and DC created by the movement of the tidal floods and the ebbs.