Russian navy to get first serial home-made gas turbines in 2019

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Production of the first serial samples of marine gas turbine engines to be delivered in 2019 is already in progress in accordance with approved schedules, Russian media is reporting.

"In 2017, research and development works were finished and, at the same time, the new business line was launched to produce shipborne powerplants", a company’s spokesman said

The first serial gas turbines for the Russian Navy’s ships will be delivered in 2019.


In December 2017, NPO Saturn (Rybinsk, Russia) completed three R&D projects in relation to engines M90FR, Agregat-DKVP and M70FRU-R.

The new Russian-made engines will be mounted on the Project 22350 and Project 11356 frigates, Zubr small-size air cushion landing ship, and other ships and vessels operated by the Russian Navy.