RWG completes 130th Siemens SGT-A20 AV gas generator upgrade

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RWG recently celebrated a major milestone in the life of the Industrial Avon 200 programme, completing the 130th gas generator upgrade at RWG’s dedicated workshops in Aberdeen, Scotland, UK.

 Under contract from equipment OEM, Siemens, RWG implemented this planned upgrade in conjunction with major overhaul of the Industrial Avon gas generator. Following a successful factory acceptance test witnessed by the customer, this equipment was despatched overseas to provide essential energy for Oil and Natural Gas production in India. 

 Kenny McKenzie, RWG’s Industrial Avon business manager said: “Our considerable experience of upgrading the Industrial Avon gas generator delivers benefits to customers in terms of build quality, performance and in-service reliability. This latest award is a major achievement, reflecting on the dedication, skill, and competency of our workforce here in Aberdeen. Since the first Industrial Avon 200 was launched in 2007, this modification has delivered improved performance and service life extension, with many satisfied customers returning their gas generators for the next scheduled overhaul.”


Mark Forsyth, RWG’s industrial & marine business director commented: “RWG was closely involved in the product development of the Industrial Avon 200 programme and its launch. Since then we’ve established our comprehensive ‘in-house’ component repair capability, offering a pioneering service for this equipment and all legacy versions of the Industrial Avon. In today’s business environment, equipment operators demand absolute reliability. Customer satisfaction depends on minimal in-service disruption, so we focus our maintenance service to ensure overhauled Industrial Avon gas generators meet OEM design performance criteria and achieve the maximum time between major service intervals.”