Saudi Arabia to generate 23GW power by 2020 through Heavy Fuel Oil projects

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GE recently showcased an innovative Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) combined cycle technology and FlexEfficiency 60 Portfolio at the Saudi Water & Power Forum at the Hilton Jeddah. Developed specially for the region taking into account local requirements and specifications, the HFO combined cycle technology is envisaged to enhance energy efficiencies in the use of heavy fuel oil and conversion for power generation, and is in line with the Royal Decree to progressively shift power generation to heavy fuel oil.



By 2020, the Kingdom targets the generation of over 23GW of power through HFO projects that are planned to ensure highly efficient and reliable power generation, environmental responsibility and reduction in overall costs. GE's HFO combined cycle plant delivers a more efficient and cost-effective solution compared to traditional steam boiler technology. It provides short commissioning times, rugged components, and innovative materials for improved availability in harsh environments.


GE's FlexEfficiency 60 Portfolio redefines the standards of operational flexibility, with the portfolio comprising gas turbines, steam turbines, generators, and enhanced plant controls allowing operators to take full advantage of renewable energy resources coming on and off the grid. FlexEfficiency 60 also boosts energy efficiency by harnessing natural gas and enabling greater use of renewable energy. At the heart of the new portfolio is the ecomagination-qualified FlexEfficiency 60 Combined Cycle Power Plant, which has the capability to reach greater than 61 percent thermal efficiency.