Saudi order for 12 F-class machines

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GE will provide gas turbines and other related equipment to meet the increased energy demands of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The contract, worth $700 million, also includes two eight-year service agreements for planned maintenance.

GE's technology, including 12 GE 7F-5 gas turbines, four GE steam turbines, and 16 generators, provided under the contract is scheduled to be installed on SEC's PP13 and PP14 power plants, which are located at Dhurma, and Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.


GE equipment will generate 3.8 GW of power for SEC’s combined-cycle power plants. In addition, it will also provide significant fuel savings and lower emissions with high levels of fuel efficiency.

General Electric is likely to ship equipment for the project from the beginning of 2015. These include gas turbines that are manufactured in its Greenville facility, and steam turbines and generators that are produced in its Schenectady facility.

To date, General Electric has over 500 gas turbines installed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and operates in 40 SEC power plants, generating more than half of the country’s energy requirements.