Seals for LNG processing

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John Crane GmbH has announced today it has been awarded a significant new contract to supply engineered sealing technology solutions to a major Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) production project in


John Crane will supply 96 of its Type 28 gas seals for first fit applications to Siemens AG, which will provide compressors for the upstream section of the AP-LNG project in



. This project will involve extracting and transporting coal seam gas for conversion into LNG in the future.


The order also includes the supply of 216 of John Crane’s tilting pad journal and double thrust hydrodynamic bearings. 

This is a major new order for first-fit equipment on a project which has the capacity to produce 18 million tonnes of LNG.


The coal seam gas process is used to convert gas extracted from coal seams into LNG so that it can be stored and transported more easily. Although this is a relatively new technology, many similar extraction and transportation facilities are being planned for construction.