Second power plant with Siemens H-Class technology goes into operation in US

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Riviera Beach Next Generation Clean Energy Center in Florida began commercial operation on April 1, 2014. Plant operator is Florida Power & Light Company (FPL), a subsidiary of America’s leading energy utility NextEra Energy Inc. Siemens supplied three of its SGT6-8000H-gas turbines for the project, each of which delivers an electrical generating capacity of 274 megawatts. 


The Riviera Beach facility is 33 percent more fuel-efficient than the oil-burning power plant units previously installed at this site. In May 2011, Siemens’ Model SGT5-8000H gas turbine achieved efficiency of 60.75 percent in combined-cycle operation at Irsching Power Station in Germany. Siemens has sold 28 H-Class gas turbines worldwide to date. Nine of these are in commercial operation having meanwhile clocked up over 70,000 equivalent operating hours this gas turbine has proven extremely reliably in commercial operation.