Senseye releases predictive maintenance software

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Senseye released Senseye PdM Omniverse predictive maintenance software. Senseye PdM Omniverse is "a knowledge platform and community to provide industry operators and partners with step-by-step processes, workflows, and guidance to implement successful, sustainable and scalable predictive maintenance projects," according to a press release. The platform is supported by a global user community, sharing best practices, experiences, and solutions with their colleagues and potentially with other businesses.

Predictive maintenance analyzes the huge volumes of machinery data to enable users to better understand the ongoing health of machines and pre-empt failure. By predicting when machinery will break down, companies can remove surprise failures and reduce downtime, scheduled maintenance, and the routine replacement of parts that may, in fact, be perfectly healthy.

Senseye says that 80% of predictive maintenance projects fail, often due to a lack of condition monitoring expertise and appropriate ‘best practice’ for digital transformation projects. Since 2015, Senseye has helped clients around the world improve and optimize their maintenance practices, with the resulting knowledge and internal processes forming the core of Senseye PdM Omniverse.


“PdM Omniverse is a step change in approach to enabling Predictive Maintenance at scale and in a sustainable manner. The domain knowledge required to implement effective Predictive Maintenance is in short supply," said Robert Russell, CTO of Senseye. "Senseye PdM Omniverse solves this by democratizing and multiplying the knowledge and activities of condition monitoring specialists and reliability engineers. Industrial organizations can now take full ownership of their maintenance journey with the guidance we have assembled from decades of industry experience.”