Serving the steam turbine market beyond the Indian sub-continent

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Arun Mote, Executive Director of Triveni Turbine Limited, discusses his company and its steam turbine manufacturing capabilities in this Q&A

How would you summarize Triveni?

Triveni Turbine manufactures and supplies engineered-to-order steam turbines up to 30 MW. With our steam turbines running in over 50 countries and across 18 different industries, we have an installed base of above 11,000 MWe. Triveni also provides after-sales services such as erection and commissioning, periodic overhauling, long term service agreements, spares, comprehensive O&M services and refurbishing. It has the capacity to manufacture over 150 turbines annually.

What steam turbines do you manufacture?


Triveni offers back-pressure and condensing steam turbines up to 30 MW that work across a wide range of pressure and flow applications. Our standard scope includes supply and commissioning of the steam turbine and its control system, control oil system, lubricating oil system, condensing system (as applicable), gear box, alternator, electrical metering, control and protection system and the “turbovisory” system.

Who tends to buy your turbines?

We are market leaders in India with over 60% of the up to 30 MW market.

What would you consider your flagship product?

Usually industrial steam turbines employ either impulse or reaction technology. However, at Triveni we developed hybrid technology steam turbines, which combine the advantages of both impulse and reaction technologies. This combination allows higher efficiency of steam energy recovery with greater operational flexibility, low maintenance cost and slow ageing.

What plans do you have to expand?

We are continuously exploring opportunities to foray into new geographies and new industries. We are innovating technologies to increase our turbine efficiency and strengthening sales and after sales activities by opening international offices to cater to international customers.

What makes you stand out competitively?

We engage with the customer right from project conception and customize the solution to their needs. We also operate as a partner for the life cycle of the turbine through service contracts. We back them up via a service network in domestic and international markets. We offer reengineering of spares for other turbine makes, and maintain a large spares inventory.

Anything else to add?

The power generation industry is evolving continuously. The demand for higher efficiencies and lower cost are constantly being stretched. We understand the economics and needs of the power producers to have equipment with better operating efficiencies, long term reliability, maximum availability and extended operating life in order to maximize return on investment. To meet these needs, we offer robust and reliable steam turbine solutions for industrial captive and renewable power.