Shanahan Engineering awarded commissioning contract of Saudi IGCC project

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Shanahan Engineering has been awarded a commissioning services contract by SEPCO-2 , a large Chinese EPC Corporation, for the Jazan Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle (JIGCC) Power Block project located in Jazan, Saudi Arabia, one of the biggest gasification plants in the world.

The contract includes the supply of a commissioning management team, along with Shanahan’s commissioning management program to test and commission the JIGCC plant.

Zhang Ting, Project Director for at SEPCO-2 said, “Following a competitive bidding process, SEPCO-2 selected Shanahan due to its robust techno-commercial proposal combined with its accumulated experience in commissioning combined cycle power plants, particularly in Saudi Arabia, as well as their overriding attention to HS&E and quality compliance, which are critical on such projects with SAUDI ARAMCO.”

James Greaney, CEO and Managing Director of Shanahan said, “The award of a commissioning management services contract at JIGCC demonstrates SEPCO-2’s confidence in Shanahan Engineering’s safety, quality and delivery culture that is built from delivering over 350 power generation projects, over more than 35 years, both in Saudi Arabia and across the world. Following the successful commissioning, Operations and Operations Management at PP12 (a 2,175MW CCGT located in Riyadh) by Shanahan in 2016, and the ongoing commissioning of PP13 and PP14 (a combined 3,600MW CCGT in Riyadh) this contract award reaffirms Shanahan’s position as a leader in the regional and global power generation commissioning market.”


Anthony Raftopoulos, Shanahan’s General Manager for Saudi Arabia, added, “Shanahan has a long history working throughout Saudi Arabia and the successful commissioning of JIGCC will elevate our brand and reputation into the oil and gas sector. The work will also represent a key milestone in Shanahan’s support of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 strategy. JIGCC follows on from the recent award of the commissioning and operations contract for PP13 and PP14 to Shanahan by Saudi Electricity Company.”

JIGCC will generate over 2,500MW, across 5 Blocks, using Siemens SGT-6000F technology. Shanahan will follow SAUDI ARAMCO’s stringent HS&E and quality standards for commissioning.