Siemens signs service agreement extension for Ras Laffan Power Plant in Qatar

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Siemens has signed an extension of a long-term service agreement with Qatar Power Company (QPOWER) to maintain and support the power generation requirements of Ras Laffan B combined-cycle power plant for an additional 15 years.

With this agreement Siemens will provide maintenance, parts and repair services for three SGT5-4000F gas turbines, two SST5-6000 steam turbines, and their associated generators. In addition, the agreement includes the supply of a broad spectrum of the company’s digital services and cybersecurity solutions, designed to boost efficiency and reliability of the power plant’s operation.

The 1,025-megawatt (MW), Ras Laffan B power plant was built in 2006 to meet increasing demand for power and water, as the second independent water and power plant (IWPP) in the country. Located at Ras Laffan Industrial City, approximately 80 kilometers north of Doha, the plant produces around 60 million imperial gallons of desalinated water per day.


Under the agreement, Siemens will also deploy its flexible long-term maintenance concept, which helps increase plant performance and optimize maintenance costs through data analytics. The concept includes Siemens’ advanced remote monitoring and diagnostics, part of the company’s Omnivise Digital Services portfolio.

With the help of Siemens’ cybersecurity solutions, the power plant operators will be able to analyze potential risks, monitor for threats in real time and implement defenses to ensure continuity of operations.