Siemens commissions test center for gas turbine burners in Germany

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Siemens has initiated operations at its Clean Energy Center, located in Ludwigsfelde, Germany. Developing the new burner test centre involved an investment of €100m, Siemens said. The new centre is spread over a 36,000m² area and is a part of the company's Berlin gas turbine manufacturing facility. It is likely to play a major role in development of new gas turbines for Siemens and also for upgrading the existing ones.


(Siemens gas turbine burner)

Several test cells where combustion processes can be analyzed and optimized under controlled conditions will feature at the facility. The facility will be used to examine and validate the combustion processes in the company-manufactured gas turbines, in order to enhance their efficiency and improve their flexibility in using different liquid and gaseous fuels.

Siemens power large gas turbines business head Christopher Steinwachs said the company’s gas turbine and combined cycle power plants are marked by their availability and flexibility, and low emissions. “In our new Berlin test centre we can conduct more intensive research into burner technology independently of external test facilities, which enables us to be even more innovative."