Siemens completes 430 MW Knapsack II combined cycle plant ahead of schedule

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Siemens Energy has completed the Knapsack II combined cycle power plant with a capacity of 430 MW on behalf of Statkraft Markets six weeks ahead of schedule. Siemens built the entire power plant, located in Hürth near Cologne, Germany, as a turnkey project and delivered the main components, including an F-Class gas turbine as well as a steam turbine, generator, and heat recovery steam generator.


The Knapsack II power plant is a single-shaft unit in which the gas and steam turbines are arranged on one shaft and drive the same generator. Such plants offer economic advantages due to lower investment costs, along with a high degree of operating flexibility with short run-up and shutdown times.

With an efficiency of 59.2 percent and an electrical capacity of 430MW, it is considered to be one of the most environmentally friendly CCPP in Europe. Lothar Balling, the head of Gas Turbine Power Plant Solutions at Siemens Energy said, "Due to its high efficiency, the CO2 and nitrogen oxide emissions are very low. In addition, when in hot-start mode, the power plant can be run up to full load in just a few minutes and thereby compensate for fluctuations in electricity generated by wind turbines and solar stations."