Siemens delivers second F-class gas turbine to Iran

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Iran has taken delivery of the second F-class gas turbine from German engineering group Siemens for use at a 600-MW power station under construction in Bandar Abbas.

Siemens is to supply some 20 gas turbines as well as associated machinery to Iranian energy firm Mapna, says the Iran Daily News report.

The agreement with Mapna was signed in March 2016 and apparently foresees technology transfer of F-class machines as well as manufacturing the turbines in Iran.


The first of the two F-class gas turbines to be used at the Bandar Abbas power station was delivered in September 2016. The contract covers two SGT5-4000F gas turbines and SGen5-2000H generators and the associated power plant instrumentation and controls.

Siemens had suspended its ties in Iran in 2010 due to sanctions in force at that time.